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              Our expanded portfolio means more efficiency and agility for your data center

              At CommScope,we never stop looking for ways to help you boost the performance and efficiency of your data center,which is why we recently acquired the Telecom,Enterprise and Wireless businesses of TE Connectivity. Now you have access to one of the widest portfolios of data center infrastructure and connectivity solutions—all from a single proven partner.

              CommScope's acquisition adds best-in-class cabling distribution and connectivity management systems to our already extensive data center portfolio. It's a perfect fit that enables you to maximize white space,minimize latency and reduce energy costs where it matters most-the entrance facility,main distribution area,end of row,top of rack,and equipment distribution area.

              Our growth is proof of an ongoing commitment to you. As your demands,applications,and technologies evolve,CommScope will be there to support you-with an infrastructure that's efficient,fast,and fiber rich

               Turn your infrastructure data into intelligence: the benefits of DCIM

              Your data center is one of your organization's most valuable assets. Managing this complex and hard-to-decipher environment might be one of the toughest jobs in business. Yet within the chaos lie hidden opportunities to optimize capacity,availability and efficiency. The key to accessing them is in your physical infrastructure.

              Master the ability to manage your infrastructure systems,assets and workflows holistically as an interconnected ecosystem-across both IT and facilities-and you begin to unlock the potential that lies within. The right DCIM solution makes it possible.

              The insight you need to succeed

              As a class of data center management software,DCIM provides a centralized view of your IT and facility operations. It aggregates,analyzes,and visualizes the infrastructure data at the heart of your data center,turning it into understandable and actionable information. By aggregating and "unlocking" the data within your infrastructure,DCIM provides the critical real-time insight you need to instantly understand and optimize your environment.

              DCIM transforms data into knowledge,knowledge into insight,insight into action,and action into strategic business value.



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