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              contactjptrtb 2021-12-4 23:36:48
              Good whatever time of day it is where you areHello! Newsletters via contact forms to the sites of companies via any domain zones of the world in any languages. https://xn----7sbb1bbndheurc1a.xn--p1ai/ WHAT IS THE MAILING OF INTERNET RESOURCES BY CONTACT FORMS? This is a type of mailing using the feedback forms that are located in the contact section of the website and filled by our robot in a preset mode with a rate of a few thousand contact forms per minute, while the alphabetic and numeric code from the pictures (captcha) is also solved. After that, the letters including your commercial offers are sent to the e-mail addresses of firms. When sending mailing by contact contact forms, it turns out that each website sends an e-mail to its own e-mail and , therefore, all letters arrive in the inbox folder of the exact e-mail address in which the organisation is ready to receive the commercial information. Unique Trade Offer: Fast 100-percent informing of organisations and internet resource owners about new cooperation offers. Search of new customers that other advertisements cannot find. AIM: Finding new customers that cannot be found through other advertisements. Benefits: 1.100-percent delivery of cooperation offers. 2.Increase of the client database. 3. Expansion of the market segment. 4.Mailings based on topics and regionality. 5. Sending information to company officials. 6. Demand study. 7. Conducting marketing campaigns. 8. Conducting surveys and studying public opinion. 9. Quick notification. 10. Cost. 11. Entering the markets of other countries. Undeniable advantages: 1.When sending mailing by feedback forms, all letters arrive in the inbox. When sending mass e-mails, this can reach up to five percent. 2.When sending mailing by feedback forms it is possible to send a few million letters per 24 hours to inboxes. When sending mass e-mails a few thousands arrive in the inboxes, all the rest often either are not delivered or fill the junk folder. 3. When sending mailing by contact forms a letter does not get blocked by mails because it is sent from different internet resources. When sending e-mail newsletters it is possible to send a few thousands of those but nevertheless all the IP addresses from which the mailing is sent will be banned. 4. When sending mailing by feedback forms the minimum of macros is used to form text and headings of the letter. When sending bulk e-mails, it is necessary to use ?macros? (synonyms) for each phrase and create thousands various headings. 5. Many firms deliberatelly hide their e-mail address and only leave a contact form for contacting with them. 6. When sending mass e-mails, your business offer is delivered to every employee of the business, (which causes irritation) compared to mailing by contact forms where the information is received at the email specifically set up for commercial offers. 7.Fifty percent of business electronic addresses are located on free mail servers, they are not very "searchable" by e-mail, but when sending mailing by feedback forms through these e-mail servers, all messages are hundred % delivered to the recipients. 8. Only thirty-forty % of firms are placed in the directories within two-three years, and all the other ones are already located in our VOIS databases and are waiting for your business offers. It turns out that that emails of organisations from directories are filled with spam, which means that they will not have such profit as when sending mailing by contact forms using our always new WHOIS databases. 9. Any kind of stop words in the headings or body of the letter can be sent through forms. When sending e-mail newsletters, such messages either do not reach the recipient or end up in a junk folder. The list of stop words of mail systems includes almost all words and phrases that encourage recipients to take actions. Application: 1. Expanding the customer base. 2. Quick informing of marketplaces about new offers. 3. Accessing company officials. 4.Testing the demand for products and services. 5. Conducting tenders. 6.Conducting marketing research. 7.Conducting surveys and studying public opinion. 8. Searching for clients internationally. Reasons for ordering this service: 1. 100-percent delivery of your letters and commercial offers to millions of businesses all over the world. Every website sends a e-mail to itself so all filters of mail systems are bypassed. 2.Mailing by contact forms is an great way in in terms of conducting different marketing researches, studies and surveys of public opinion on anytype of activity and direction. When sending mailing by feedback forms, you will definitely know that your message has been delivered to 100-percent of consumers of your service and product and if a service or product is "badly promoted", then the potential problem lies in other things, for example in price. At the same time, within a week you will see demand for your own services and products, you will not have to spend money on rent and other more expensive and time-consuming marketing activities. 3.Mailing by contact forms is the quickest and the most economical way to get your service or product to the markets of other countries. 4. Mailing by feedback forms is an excellent tool for conducting different tenders. 5.Weekly update of the database, as more than one hundred and fifty thousand new websites, appear all over the globe daily, and you, get potentially new clients. 6. Full geographical coverage for all countries of the world. 7. We offer customers that you will not find through other types of advertisement. When sending mailing by feedback forms, you will be able to reach out that part of your clients, that is impossible to "break through" in automatic mode in another way. For instance, you will be able to deliver a cooperation offer to those potential clients that were earlier unavailable due to filters of mail systems while sending e-newsletters. In reality, there is a very unusual situation: companies that got into the directories are completely spammed with all sorts of cooperation offers while very little e-mails are sent to the remaining ones. 8. Unique technique of decoding the CAPTCHA. There are special services for solving numeric and alphabetic code (captcha/CAPTCHA). It costs 1 dollar to solve 1000 CAPTCHAs. Therefore, processing 1 million websites the program solves 1 million CAPTCHAs, which costs thousand dollars only to unravel captcha/CAPTCHA, and with our service this is free for you! 9. By ordering mailing by contact forms, you are promoting your product or service not to separate people, but to entire collectives, for example domain .com, where more than one hundred and fifty million cooperational firms from all over the world are collected (we have samples of them from all international zones for every country). 10. Mailing by feedback forms is also a type of text mailing Email that is linked to the feedback form is the main mailbox of organisations through which orders and commercial offers are sent. This mail is also set up for phones as it is necessary to respond to the messages very fast so as not to lose the order or the relevance of the commercial offer. 11. The base of every country also includes all joint businesses from all countries of the world working with or closely related to this country, for example, national communities and diasporas. Sanctions of mail systems and search engines? These mailings are an alternative to sending e-newsletters, therefore search engine sanctions and "Ban" do not apply to them. The mail system delivers the data of letters to the inbox folder, as it bypasses through the "warm channel" from the new IP address of the site to the corporate email of the same website. Simply speaking, these mailings "live in emails" and mail filters do not react to them, because mail systems have a certain trust in communication channels between internet resources and corporate e-mails. OUR DATABASES: You can purchase our databases separately from the mailing by sending us a enquiry by contact form. MORE THAN 2000 WHOIS DATABASES BY DOMAINS and COUNTRIES. COLLECTIONS OF DATABASES BY THE MAIN CONTINENTS. COLLECTIONS OF DATABASES BY THE MAIN WORLD LANGUAGES. SELECTIONS OF DATABASES BY THE MAIN WEBSITE BUILDERS. SELECTIONS BY THE MAIN COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. HOW TO MAKE AN PROMOTIONAL OFFER FOR MAILING BY FEEDBACK FORMS: The simplest text of the message + headings, the main goal is to interest the potential client, and they will read the rest on your internet resource. Most likely, all ads on your subject are already on the Internet, use the search bar and choose the most successful ones. The headings are substituted by a carousel from .txt file. Only text messages are sent, links are inserted without problems, they are active. If the future customer needs pictures or more specific information, then you should forward the client to visit your site. In the letter: Text without pictures, since pictures do not pass through the feedback form. Your contact details: Internet resource address: Fields to fill in: Name: Country: City: Site: Several headings: Mailbox for autoresponces: website: https://xn----7sbb1bbndheurc1a.xn--p1ai/ Price List: https://xn----7sbb1bbndheurc1a.xn--p1ai/en/price/
              postingarge 2021-8-13 8:01:38
              I'm happy to welcome you! Large-scale Internet ads for organic growth of behavioural factors. https://xn----ftbeand5abdikisgee.xn--p1ai/home/ Factors influencing consumer behaviour are certain actions of users on the internet resource, such as: logging in to the internet resource, viewing pages, time spent on the website, “clicks” on links, repeated returns to the internet resource. Unique Trading Offer: Widespread placement of your ads on the web in order to attract potential customers. Growth of factors influencing consumer behaviour occurs by the mass placement of your ads without specifying the address of your website, but with the indication of other features identifying only your company according to which you presently become first in the top. These features can include a phone number, a unique name of the website or company, an identifier (a number, a product code, services, promotions), a physical address of the organisation and etc. AIM: The widespread attraction of potential customers to your internet resource, services and products. Organic growth of factors influencing consumer behaviour. YOUR BENEFIT: An increase in webpage visitors who will find your website directly from ads using search engines as well as through additional results of a search itself related to a large range of key queries on your topic. THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF THIS AD: 1. Mass promotion. 2. Quick placement. 3. Price. 4. Placement by subject. 5. Wide reach. 6. Targeting. 7. Organic growth of behavioural factors. REASONS TO ORDER LARGE-SCALE ADS PLACEMENT ON THE WEB ДЛЯ ORGANIC GROWTH OF BEHAVIOURAL FACTORS: 1.Widespread attraction of customers to your products and services through direct traffic from ads. 2.Promotion of your online resource, due to search engine beginning to additionally suggest it for a wide range of search queries based on your subject. 3. The absence of "filters" and "bans" of search engines, due to ads being published without an indication of an live link to the website. 4. An increase in web page traffic, which leads to an increase in orders and an expansion of the your customer base. 5. "Warm traffic", since only engaged users visit the web page. 6. Attraction of individuals and legal entities. 7. Analysis of demand for goods and services. 8.Publication of your ads in different countries around the world. WHERE ADS ARE PLACED: Ads are placed: on billboards, on forums, in guest books, in comments, in catalogues. Ads are placed on your: landing pages, phones, YouTube videos, websites, social media accounts, and on links to your other ads. BAN: In this ad a ban by search engine is not possible, since ads are published without specifying an link to the website. Your actions: You send us the text of the ad, where your unique name and identifier is indicated at the end of the message, according to which an engaged user can easily and quickly find your website in search engine results in order to get further information about your product. To do this, identifier or a unique name must be published in the appropriate section of your web page и quickly be found in results. Macros: Randomisation of ads is done according to the formula, which is accepted by many programs. As a result of randomisation, a lot of unique ads are obtained from a single ad variant. This is achieved by manually synomising the ad text, while the meaning of the messages does not change and remains understandable. [url=https://xn----ftbeand5abdikisgee.xn--p1ai/home/] Widespread placement of ads on the web for growth of behavioural factors.[/url]
              hclickscomlcbt 2021-7-4 1:25:35
              Hello! This is Greg an I am owner of https://hClicks.com I just noticed that your site www.bosch8.com does not contain push notifications and I would like to offer you the highest rates for this type of ad! Only one step and you will start to get profit. Do you want to know our advantages? -> Anti-AdBlock Domains -> Personal approach -> Daily payments To get the maximum rates, please send your request with a personal code to our support team hClicks-www.bosch8.com-2021. We are waiting for you https://hClicks.com
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